Digital Leap

Step in to digitalization with Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal

Digital Leap is a pro-active initiative from Siemens Digital Industries, Factory Automation team in India which provides customized automation packages that will enable customers to address various manufacturing challenges: Reducing time-to-market, Enhancing Flexibility, Increasing Quality and Increasing Efficiency with Improved Security.

The foundation of this initiative is the industry leading Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) platform from Siemens.

TIA Portal enables access to the entire digitalized automation – from planning and engineering to operation. The bottom line: less complexity resulting in shorter time-to-market, transparent processes, and maximum productivity.

Software on the go with TIA Portal

Industry Ready Plug and Play Programming Device

Software on the go package comes with Field PG M6 Variant with pre-installed TIA software's which offers less complexity resulting in shorter time-to-market, transparent processes, and maximum productivity.

The SIMATIC Field PG with its robust magnesium housing is well prepared for mobile applications in harsh environments: shocks and vibrations, but also electromagnetic disturbances in machine-oriented industrial environments do not affect the device.  Equipped with all important automation interfaces, the connection to machines and systems is possible via PROFIBUS as well as via two fast PROFINET interfaces. Serial connections are also supported. The SIMATIC memory cards can be deleted and programmed directly in the corresponding slots. The pre-installed engineering software makes the SIMATIC Field PG ready for immediate use. The TIA Portal simplifies fast and efficient configuring, commissioning, service and maintenance. The SIMATIC Field PG is available in two performance choices: Comfort and Advanced


  • Enables sharing of hardware data

  • Allows automatic generation of program code

  • Supports function tests based on simulation

  • Facilitates easy line integration using open interfaces

Package Highlights

Efficient Engineering with TIA Portal

Digitalize your engineering

Running work processes in parallel using integrated Digitalization promises huge time gains, allowing one to handle on the increasingly complex applications, to respond quickly to constantly changing customer demands, to guarantee consistent top quality in the development process. With Efficient Engineering package one can save valuable time and achieve engineering efficiencies up to 30%.

Efficient Engineering package provides the heart of efficient engineering, by automating engineering processes, eliminating sources of the defect and easily standardizing common functions.


  • Shorten time to market with TIA portal libraries

  • Work coordinated with multiuser engineering

  • Save engineering time with Openness Scripter

  • Integrate to higher-level systems with OPCUA

Package Highlights

Simulation Kit Package

Clever combination to test and train automation project

Simulation Kit lets one place a machine in the TIA Portal, virtually. Based on the digital twin of the new machine, the mechanical design, electrical design and automation engineering can be performed in parallel. Simulations and tests uncover faults at an early stage, with the result that real commissioning on-site at the customer, is performed faster and with less risk. This enables reduced time to market, lowers cost, increases flexibility and productivity. With Simulation Kit, it is possible to simulate and optimize the interaction between individual components of entire production lines in a virtual environment.


  • Reduce commissioning time by virtual copy of automation project

  • Perform comprehensive tests of automation applications

  • Provide a realistic training environment even before the real startup

  • Create opportunities for process optimization

  • Security ensured with integrated electronic authorization management

Package Highlights

Integrated Energy Management with TIA Portal

Attain energy transparency and efficiency

Energy is a valuable resource. Lower energy costs, increase competitiveness and to comply with statutory requirements is the need of the hour. Consistent, end-to-end energy management is essential for industrial production. Integrated Energy Management package offers a comprehensive, scalable, certified portfolio of products and solutions – ranging from field-level energy data recording to company-wide energy analysis at the management level.

Take a step towards energy efficient production with transparent energy data and power consumption acquisition with Digital Leap’s Integrated Energy Management package.


  • Get complete energy transparency of your automation systems

  • Production level energy monitoring

  • Easy documentation of machine’s energy efficiency

  • Compiles with VDMA Measurement Instruction 34179

Package Highlights

Data Notifier Kit

Get notification from you machine remotely

With simple integration into plants, production lines and machines, Data Notifier Kit enables to turn a smartwatch into a messaging service for production. Depending on the configuration, the notifier automatically informs about the important messages from the automation systems. With Data Notifier Kit, one can react quickly and specifically to problems and malfunctions and thereby increase the availability and productivity of a plant. The reduced downtimes result in considerable time and cost savings.


  • Get transparency in your Machines, Production Lines, Plants

  • Preconfigured variations

  • Alerting software for mobile devices

  • Simple Integration

  • Wide array of practical benefits

Package Highlights