Energy efficiency

PROFINET enables intelligent energy saving in automation.

The well-conceived energy saving concept of PROFIenergy: just take a rest during breaks.

In factory automation, there are always idle times during production. Production is often put on hold overnight or on weekends and it is often necessary to take short breaks for tool changes or for maintenance purposes. As a rule, machines or systems are not switched off during this time, which means that they are still consuming energy even during unproductive periods.

This energy can now easily be saved thanks to PROFIenergy.The vendor and device-independent profile defined by PROFIBUS & PROFINET International allows the user to significantly reduce the energy consumption and costs: With PROFIenergy, loads that are not needed can be deliberately shut down and energy costs can be noticeably reduced. PROFIenergy allows the easy, automated switching on and off of technologically associated parts of a plant. The coordination for this is done centrally via a higher-level controller and the networking is done via PROFINET.


  • PROFIenergy is a cross-manufacturer standard that is standardized by PI.

  • PROFIenergy provides mechanisms for shutting down PROFINET devices during breaks.

  • With PROFIenergy, measured values and status information of the device can also be queried, which forms the basis for energy and load management.


  • Significant savings in energy even during short breaks thanks to selective switching. Only those devices that will be completely operational immediately after the end of the break are shut down.

  • PROFIenergy can also be seamlessly integrated into existing systems without causing undesired reactions.

  • A high degree of plant availability can be achieved by means of coordinated switching.