Easy cabling

With PROFINET, industrial networks can be quickly and reliably set up.

An error-free electrical connection in less than 60 seconds

In industrial environments, especially high demands are placed on the installation of the cabling. In addition, industrial-grade networks must also be set up without special knowledge, without errors, in the shortest possible time.

Siemens offers FastConnect, a system that meets all these demands: The time spent for connecting the terminal devices is minimized thanks to the easy installation using only a single tool. Thanks to the practical color coding, installation errors are all but ruled out. Both copper cables and glass fiber-optic cables can be assembled on-site in this way.


  • FastConnect is the standard-compliant and industry-standard cabling system from Siemens. It comprises cables, connectors, and tools for Industrial Ethernet and PROFINET networks.

  • Fast Connect is available for copper cables and glass fiber-optic cables for easy on-site assembly.

  • Color coding and pre-adjusted tools prevent errors during the assembly.


  • The costs for cables and installation can be reduced thanks to the easy and quick assembly on-site.

  • Reliable shield contacting and strain-relief and good EMC shielding for copper cables ensure a high degree of availability of the PROFINET connection.