Fast device replacement

PROFINET optimizes the device replacement and first commissioning processes.

PROFINET devices are identified via a name that is assigned in the configuration. When replacing a defective device, a new device can be recognized by the IO Controller by means of topology information and have a name automatically assigned to it. An engineering tool is therefore not required when replacing devices. This mechanism can also be used during the initial commissioning of a complete plant. Quick commissioning is thus especially possible for series machines.


  • Optional swap media (e.g. MMC, C-Plug) permit the fast and simple replacement of devices without programming device.

  • PROFINET permits the device replacement based on the known topology even without optional swap media.

  • With the aid of the iPar server, even dynamic device parameters are automatically transferred to the new device. Thus, a PROFINET device is available again within a few seconds after a replacement.


  • No programming tools or engineering personnel are needed for replacing devices during servicing and maintenance.

  • The downtime is reduced, because only a new device from the warehouse must be used to put a machine or plant back into operation.