PROFINET ensures the easy expansion of machines and plants at any time.

With PROFINET, it is possible to integrate existing systems and networks and to expand them by adding additional PROFINET stations easily and without great effort.

On the one hand, PROFINET permits the easy integration of existing systems and networks without great effort. Thus, PROFINET protects the investments in existing plant units which communicate via PROFIBUS and other fieldbuses such as AS-Interface, for example. On the other hand, additional PROFINET stations can be added at any time. Network infrastructures can be expanded using additional network components, both wired and wireless versions, even during operation.


  • PROFINET allows any amount of expansion of existing network infrastructures through the use of additional network components such as SCALANCE X/W – many times even during operation.

  • PROFINET Devices can be newly added to a PROFINET Controller during operation, thereby allowing problem-free commissioning and maintenance.

  • Existing PROFIBUS installations can easily be integrated into a PROFINET network by means of an IE/PB Link PN IO (router).


  • Existing PROFINET networks can be expanded at any time via additional network components without changing the existing infrastructure.

  • It is possible to expand existing PROFINET Controllers by adding an additional application at any time.

  • Parts of the plant with PROFIBUS can be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET plants, even if safety communication is in operation. This allows a step-by-step migration to PROFINET.