Industrial Wireless LAN

PROFINET supports wireless communication with Industrial Wireless LAN and thus opens up new application fields.

For the handling of its steel coils, ArcelorMittal decided on a fully automated crane control system based on Wireless LAN with PROFINET.

For example, technology that is susceptible to wear such as contact wires can be replaced. In addition, the use of automated guided vehicle systems and mobile HMI devices becomes possible. In addition to data exchange with PROFINET, the IWLAN connection can also be used for additional communication via standard services such as TCP/IP. Thus, moving machine parts can be wirelessly integrated in a plant just like transport systems.

The reliability of wireless communication is essential for this. To ensure that this can be guaranteed even in harsh industrial environments, user-friendly tools are available to the user for calculating coverage areas already in the planning phase.


  • IWLAN is based on the proven standard IEEE 802.11 and can be used in industrial environments without any problems.

  • Deterministic PROFINET communication is possible via IWLAN.

  • Even safety applications in combination with PROFIsafe can be implemented in IWLAN without additional overhead.


  • PROFINET via IWLAN allows machine builders and plant constructors to develop new concepts with mobile machine parts (e.g. transport systems).

  • Thanks to IWLAN, maintenance costs can be reduced because contact wires and trailing cables are no longer required for communication.

  • Machine operators have more freedom of movement with PROFINET via IWLAN, because it allows the use of mobile HMI devices.