Web tools

Since PROFINET supports TCP/IP, it permits the use of standard web services such as web servers in the field device.

Graphical topology display in the Internet browser

Regardless of the tool used, information from the field level can be accessed at any time and from nearly anywhere using a commercially available Internet browser. This facilitates commissioning and diagnostics considerably. Each user can decide for himself how much openness to the IT world he will permit for his machine or plant.

Thus, PROFINET can be easily operated as an isolated plant network or it can be connected to the office network or even to the Internet via suitable SCALANCE S security modules. This allows new teleservice concepts or even the fast exchange of production data.


  • A web server is integrated on the PROFINET controllers from Siemens, such as the SIMATIC S7-300, which allows status and diagnostic information and the use of user-defined web pages.

  • A standard browser can be used to access the web server of a PROFINET device. Thus, the engineering system is no longer necessary for simple diagnostics.

  • Security modules from the SCALANCE S family use standardized and proven IT technology for dividing the network into sub-networks.


  • Machine downtimes are significantly reduced thanks to quick access to diagnostic information via web servers. It is even possible to access field devices when the IO Controller has completely failed.

  • User-defined web pages permit the implementation of new maintenance concepts. Service technicians get access to all of the relevant machine data at a glance.

  • Remote access allows simple diagnostic information to be gathered from geographically remote machines. For example, this allows early identification of replacement parts needed for repairs.