PROFINET supports the proven PROFIsafe safety profile and it also allows wireless safety-related communication.

Samsonite, the world's leading manufacturer of travel accessories, relies on integrated safety technology in the new logistics center, implemented with IWLAN on the basis of PROFINET

The PROFIsafe profile, which has been tried and tested with PROFIBUS and which permits the transmission of standard and safety-related data on a single bus cable, can also be used with PROFINET. No special network components are required for fail-safe communication, standard switches and standard routers can be used without restrictions. In addition, fail-safe communication is equally possible via Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN).


  • As a profile, PROFIsafe can be used identically on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. PROFIsafe message frames can even be transferred beyond bus limits between parts of the plant equipped with PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

  • PROFIsafe and PROFINET work ideally with one another. Safety, IO and standard communication run in parallel and reaction-free on one cable (Black Channel Principle), but also via IWLAN.


  • The existing network infrastructure is optimally utilized, since no separate cabling or additional safety control is required.

  • An integrated range of products is available for safety applications: Fail-safe controllers, fail-safe I/O, and fail-safe drives permit the implementation of safety requirements in almost any plant.

  • Existing systems can be easily switched over from PROFIBUS to PROFINET, because no changes occur on the safety-related part of the machine or plant.