High precision

Communication via PROFINET is deterministic and guarantees high product quality.

Motion control via PROFINET with IRT in use on a printing machine at MAN Roland.

PROFINET stands for maximum precision with significantly increased performance – not only in communication, but integrated in the entire system thanks to isochronous mode. Machines with several axes are a challenge and are becoming increasingly important. To increase throughput, it is necessary to integrate more drives in a machine. At the same time, these must always work in perfect coordination with each other. PROFINET with IRT provides the basis for fast and precisely synchronized communication for motion control systems.


  • Isochronous mode of all relevant devices via PROFINET with IRT.

  • Scheduled communication leads to 100 percent deterministic behavior with a jitter significantly less than 1 µs.


  • A high degree of accuracy and control quality at a high application speed lead to a significant increase in product quality.

  • PROFINET with IRT allows precise deterministic application behavior, completely independent of the remaining communication load

  • The implementation of safety applications and standard communication are also possible with short cycle times without restriction.