With very short cycle times, PROFINET allows maximum productivity of machines and plants.

PROFINET can meet any performance-related requirements. All applications can already be implemented with PROFINET today.

Fast motion control applications need precise and deterministic data exchange. This is implemented thanks to isochronous drive controls using Isochronous Real-Time (IRT).

With IRT and isochronous mode, PROFINET supports high-speed, deterministic communication in which the different cycles of a system (input, network, CPU processing and output) are synchronized, even with TCP/IP communication operating in parallel. PROFINET's short cycle times make it possible to increase the productivity of machines and plants, and to ensure product quality through high precision.The standardized PROFIdrive profile enables vendor-independent communication between CPU and drives.


  • You can already implement  all your applications today with PROFINET. With cycle times up to 31.25 µs, the PROFINET standard also offers you sufficient reserves for your future requirements.

  • Scalable performance thanks to an open and expandable system architecture.


  • Short cycle times, independent of the network load, permit the implementation of high-performance applications.

  • The scalable performance makes it possible to configure PROFINET stations individually depending on the requirement. The bandwidth and available controller performance is thus optimally utilized.