Large quantity structures

With PROFINET, there are practically no limits for the number of field devices in one network.

In high-bay warehouses, often large quantity structures need handling – and that is possible without problems with PROFINET.

Previous limitations in the scope of the machines and systems to be implemented can be easily overcome through the use of PROFINET. With PROFINET, up to 256 field devices can now be managed by one SIMATIC Controller. In a network, several controllers can interact with their assigned field devices. Mechanisms such as I-Device allow the simple set up of hierarchical controller structures. The number of field devices per PROFINET network is practically unlimited - the entire band of IP addresses is available.


  • With PROFINET, up to 256 devices can be connected to one SIMATIC Controller, this corresponds to twice the amount compared to the equivalent PROFIBUS controllers.

  • The number of devices per PROFINET network is nearly unlimited. The only physical limit is the availability of free IP addresses, which is well beyond the current size of plants.

  • The bandwidth in the PROFINET network is intelligently distributed through the use of switches and field devices with several ports.


  • More complex machines and systems are possible through the use of PROFINET.

  • The application no longer has to be broken up into partial fieldbus lines. With PROFINET, all of the field devices can be connected in one network, where they can directly communicate with each other.

  • The communication performance can be significantly increased through the simultaneous communication between the field devices, which ultimately leads to shorter cycle times for larger quantity structures.