Media redundancy

PROFINET implements redundant structures without additional switches.

With the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), redundant PROFINET communication without switches can be implemented via a ring topology. The animation shows how MRP works.

Higher plant availability can be achieved by means of a redundant installation (ring topology). The media redundancy can be implemented both with the help of external switches and direct via integral PROFINET interfaces. Reconfiguration times of 200 ms can be achieved with the Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP). In the case of an interruption to the communication in only one part of the ring installation, this means that a plant standstill is prevented and the necessary servicing and repair work can be carried out without time pressure.


  • PROFINET supports the setting up of a redundant topology in the form of a ring, both for IO communication and for the standard TCP/IP communication.

  • No expensive special devices are required due to the integration of the redundancy master in the field devices.

  • It is possible to switch-over between redundant transmission paths in less than 200 ms.


  • The redundant setup considerably increases the plant and machine availability, because the failure of individual devices does not affect communication.

  • Media redundancy is integrated in PROFINET and can easily be utilized without added costs.

  • In case of network interference, it is possible to quickly perform network diagnostics, which greatly accelerates troubleshooting.