Driving Digital Transformation

For over 40 years, the low-voltage switchgear factory at Kalwa has been manufacturing industrial Control Products. The factory has kept pace with changes in customer demands while maintaining high levels of quality and reliability. With the advent of digitalization, the factory has transformed into a globally-benchmarked showcase digital factory capable of producing over 180 variants at the rate of one product every 9 seconds.

The SIRIUS range of switchgear products that will be manufactured here requires a high degree of precision and quality at global standards that can be achieved only through digitalization. The plant can now manufacture over 5 million devices annually. Products at the plant communicate with machines and all processes are optimized for IT control, resulting in a minimal failure rate. The production methods deployed at the plant are expected to be a standard for small and medium-sized manufacturing units in India, achieving a visionary model for the Future of Manufacturing: end-to-end digitalization where the real and virtual worlds merge in “Digital Factory”.

a. Switchgear - Over the years

b. Inauguration: Switchgear Digital Factory