DCS innovation Conclave

The Process Automation team recently conducted the ‘DCS Innovation Conclave’ event in 2 cities, namely Chennai and Ranchi mainly for consultants, EPCs, OEMs & End Users.

The event was conducted with an aim to bring awareness on what’s new in PCS 7 and to cover the complete plant life cycle. The event comprised of informative presentations on various topics which includes PCS 7 overview, PCS 7 SMART portfolio, PHIS, Safety and Security, APF, Electrical Integration and COMOS. The session includes the integrated engineering concept i.e. how PCS 7 contributes to be a part of integrated engineering with COMOS and SIMIT platform. An interactive session was conducted after each presentation so that customer can come up with more focused questions.

The live demo of PCS 7 with AS410 including field components was arranged to give more visibility to the participants and it was bolstered by them.

Overall the event witnessed a good participation from all the attendees, who acknowledged the event to be highly informative.

Seeing the Overwhelming responses and also to further improve the visibility of the PCS 7 new innovations and technology, Siemens will be organizing more such events in the coming months.