PCS 7 Updates

SIMATIC PDM Process Device Manager

SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a universal, manufacturer-independent tool for the configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of intelligent field devices (sensors and actuators) and field components (remote I/Os, multiplexers, control room devices, compact controllers), which in the following sections will be referred to simply as devices. More

SIMIT – Siemens Solution for Process Simulation

Simulation is one of the key essential tools in Process Automation, which helps to address all customer needs during project execution phase. This is mainly required to:  More


 Migration of the process control system based on APACS+/QUADLOG controllers with the innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 OS operation and monitoring systems from Siemens provides the opportunity for retaining proven functions and for significantly increasing the functionality and performance at the same time through specific modernization. With its open system platform, SIMATIC PCS 7 provides an ideal basis for modern, future-oriented and economical automation solutions in all sectors.More

Energy Management

When improving energy efficiency and conservation of resources, Siemens implements a holistic consideration of the plant as well as of the product life cycles in the context of energy management (EN 16001). In this respect, the intelligent combination of end-to-end processes, targeted services and an integrated technology portfolio offers great potential within industry and infrastructure.More

Process Historian and Information Server

Historians are today transitioning from their traditional role as plant record-keepers, to tools that have a positive impact on plant operations in real time. With increased data throughput, higher data resolutions, and increased connectivity users can access and leverage huge volumes of plant data today in near real time. With this enhanced functionality, historians have also become a foundation for plant asset management activities. More

Security for Process Automation with SIMATIC PCS 7

 Today, process plants are either directly or indirectly connected to the Internet which puts their operations, product quality, and profits at risk. SIMATIC PCS 7 offers a security concept for reliable defense against this potential danger and comprehensive protection of production systems. More

Foundation Fieldbus

Foundation Fieldbus is an all-digital, serial, two-way communications system that serves as the base-level network in a plant or factory automation environment. It is an open architecture, developed and administered by the Foundation. It’s targeted for applications using basic and advanced regulatory control, and for much of the discrete control associated with those functions. Foundation Fieldbus technology is mostly used in process industries, but nowadays it is being implemented in power plants also . More

Migration strategy from SIMATIC S5 to SIMATIC PCS 7

SIMATIC S5 has been successfully used as a complete family of PLCs for an extremely wide range of control tasks in the process industry and for factory automation for more than two decades already. However the phase-out of the S5 products will make the maintenance of these PLC systems more difficult and expensive, but migration to SIMATIC PCS 7 will allow you to use the latest process control functions to decisively increase the productivity of your plant. More