Migration strategy from APACS+/QUADLOG S5 to SIMATIC PCS 7

Migration of the process control system based on APACS+/QUADLOG controllers with the innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 OS operation and monitoring systems from Siemens provides the opportunity for retaining proven functions and for significantly increasing the functionality and performance at the same time through specific modernization. With its open system platform, SIMATIC PCS 7 provides an ideal basis for modern, future-oriented and economical automation solutions in all sectors.

Typical Migration Architecture:


To preserve and expand an APACS+ system and to increase its value, Siemens developed a migration strategy which aims to modernize existing operator and engineering systems with SIMATIC PCS 7 while retaining the APACS+/QUADLOG controllers and the lower-lying I/O level. With this strategy, customers can migrate their existing systems efficiently and economically without having to replace any controllers, I/O devices or their wiring, and without rendering the associated investment in system configuration useless. In addition, excellent alternatives are provided at the controller level by the AS 41x of SIMATIC PCS 7, especially with plant expansions. These are supported by the controller to controller communication via Industrial Ethernet Modules (IEM) and by PCS 7/APACS+ operator systems which can communicate with both APACS+/QUADLOG controllers and AS 41x by dual-channel


Siemens is able to offer a number of advantages in the migration path from APACS+ to PCS 7

  • HMI CONNECTIVITY                                                                                                                                                             By offering HMI connectivity the system can be migrated over to a standard PCS 7 operator interface, which brings all the latest benefits including alarm filtering, supportable operating systems and asset management.

Fig 2: Data base automation from APACS+ to PCS 7

  • HMI CONVERION                                                                                                                                                                     In some cases a large investment has been made in developing the operator graphics. Siemens has developed a conversion service which is able to regenerate the existing ProcessSuite Graphics into a standard PCS 7 graphics. These can then be further enhanced using the standard SIMATIC manager graphics tools.

Fig :Conversion service from APACS+ to PCS 7

  • ENHANCED BATCH MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                    For many of our customers using ProcessSuite Batch, it will be important that the new system will be able to take advantage of existing controller batch functionality and integrate it into Siemens SIMATIC Batch. SIMATIC Batch is fully integrated into PCS 7 and able to offer a modern user friendly Batch Management System. It also has connectivity into our SIMATIC IT suite bringing MES capability to your process.

  • ENGINEERING LIBRARY                                                                                                                                                         To ensure familiar APACS+ libraries are available within PCS 7, Siemens has recreated the APACS+ engineering library of standard APACS+ functions. Of course, with PCS 7 there is always the ability to create your own templates for symbols and faceplates should your existing APACS+ code have specialized user defined functions.

  • CONTROL NETWROK GATEWAYS                                                                                                                                        Where information is needed across controllers or up to the HMI, a Siemens IEM (Industrial Ethernet Module) can be used. This provides the linkage between the MBUS communications, which are the backbone of the APACS+ system and the Ethernet connectivity to today's modern operator's stations and servers. It will also provide a mechanism to communicate between ACM's over different MBUS segments.

  • APPLICATION CONERSION                                                                                                                                                  To further enhance migration possibilities for APACS+ we have available products and tools to enable existing controller configurations to be converted into standard PCS 7 AS 41x controllers. The products and tools are designed to reduce engineering costs whilst maintaining investment in existing process functionality.

  • I/O GATEWAYS                                                                                                                                                                  Siemens has not only developed products to integrate new operator stations with your existing APACS+ ACM controllers; we have also developed the PFM (PROFIBUS Fieldbus Module).The PFM allows connection of PROFIBUS enabled field devices to the controller including PROFIBUS PA using the DP/PA link. It is now possible to integrate smart Motor Control Centers and Intelligent Instrumentation into your existing system. This will simplify expansion of the process and future migration over to Siemens AS41x controllers.

Fig 4: Periphery connected to the I/O gateways through PFM

  • I/O INTERFACES                                                                                                                                                                    To integrate existing APACS+ I/O cards into a Siemens AS architecture we have developed the DP/IO card. This card will replace an existing ACM to provide communication with an AS41x and the APACS+ I/O cards. Together with Application Conversion a cost effective solution is available to replace existing ACM controllers whilst retaining field wiring and I/O cards. The link is the same form factor as an ACM/CCM and can be installed in any slot.

Fig 5: I/O Interfaces connected via DP/IO Bus Link


As part of Siemens’ strategic focus on migration, the company has developed multiple migration centres that provide technology, consulting, support, and educational resources for end users considering a migration project. The core activity of a Migration Support Center (MSC) is to use suitable software tools to intelligently migrate valuable engineering data, which has been optimized over many years, to SIMATIC PCS 7.

Fig 6: Possible execution steps with support of the MSC

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