Energy Management – The Green initiative

How does the fact that Siemens is becoming a "green company" benefit a plant operator in the process industry?

When improving energy efficiency and conservation of resources, Siemens implements a holistic consideration of the plant as well as of the product life cycles in the context of energy management (EN 16001). In this respect, the intelligent combination of end-to-end processes, targeted services and an integrated technology portfolio offers great potential within industry and infrastructure.

1. Energy management as a permanent process of improvement in the company

Energy management is a continuous process - Siemens Approach :

  • Identify - Overview

Even today, a wide variety of Siemens products communicate electrical parameters such as current, voltage and power factors, including circuit breakers (Sentron), frequency converters (Sinamics) and motor starters (ET 200S). All other (energy) consumers can be integrated in PCS 7 through multifunction measuring instruments, for example, through the Sentron PAC series. Data display can be configured with standard PCS 7 tools. This makes it easily to implement basic power monitoring.

  • Evaluate - Overview

Well-designed, optimized energy usage helps to reliably avoid costly consumption peaks and fully exploit untapped resources. SIMATIC powerrate makes it possible to actively monitor power limits with integrated load management. PCS 7 standard blocks calculate a continual consumption forecast using a running 15-minute average and compare this with specified limits. Based on this, for example, you can selectively switch off consumers to smooth large peaks and comply with the contractual limits made with energy suppliers. Loads can be quickly dropped in unstable supply networks, to continue operation of selected, critical plant components with the remaining supply line.

  • Realize - Overview

If supply limits agreed in a contract are not observed (usually the 15-minute mean supply value for current), significantly higher supply prices or even penalty payments may become necessary. Using cyclic trend calculations, the load management function of SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate permits early recognition of limit violations, and signals these by means of warnings/ alarms. Depending on the configuration, loads are also switched off directly in the event of an imminent limit violation.

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