Migration strategy from SIMATIC S5 to SIMATIC PCS 7

SIMATIC S5 has been successfully used as a complete family of PLCs for an extremely wide range of control tasks in the process industry and for factory automation for more than two decades already. However the phase-out of the S5 products will make the maintenance of these PLC systems more difficult and expensive, but migration to SIMATIC PCS 7 will allow you to use the latest process control functions to decisively increase the productivity of your plant.


The success of migration is dependent on a technical solution optimally matched to customer requirements and the respective plant. Therefore Siemens offers you tailored solutions for your SIMATIC S5 system in order to decisively improve the system functionality, availability and efficiency of your plant.Always according to the maxim:

  • Stepwise

Allows gradual introduction of new technologies at various levels of the existing system in an optimum manner for the respective plant

  • Adaptable

A procedure for maximizing the return on assets (ROA) matched to the life cycle strategy of the plant (retention and modernization, expansion and improvement, or renewal and replacement)

  • Flexible

Considers the commercial aspects of production and plant management, i.e. required increases in capacity, expansion of product range, reduction in costs, or shortening of time-to-market



The existing SIMATIC S5 system architecture is expanded by SIMATIC PCS 7. The S5 operator panel or SCADA system is retained, and is used parallel to the HMI of the connected SIMATIC PCS 7 architecture. In this case, the SIMATIC S5 PLC’s are connected as slaves to the SIMATIC PCS 7 automation system. As result the Scope of the existing plant is increased through alarm management, asset management or graphic visualization functions. The existing process interface equipment is retained in this case.

  1. Minimum costs

  2. New application possibilities

  3. Access to the system from the IT world

  • Migration of the SIMATIC S5 controllers with retention of the S5 input/output modules

With this solution, the existing SIMATIC S5 CPUs are replaced by modern SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs. The ET 200U input/output modules of the SIMATIC S5 system can be connected directly to the new system over PROFIBUS DP. A connection between a modern S7-400 controller and other S5 input/output modules can be established via the IM 463-2 interface module.

Your KEY benefits:

  1. Stepwise transition to SIMATIC PCS 7

  2. Hardware which already exists and is still suitable can be used further

  3. Cheaper than complete replacement

  • Complete replacement with retention of field cables

Comprehensive modernization often becomes necessary because of bottlenecks in the provision of spare parts for the old system or the absence of support or important functional expansions, for example field bus technology or IT integration. In such cases it is worthwhile to completely replace the existing SIMATIC S5 PLC by the modern SIMATIC PCS 7 control system.

Your benefits:

  1. Functionality and performance appropriate to requirements through use of SIMATIC PCS 7

  2. Investment security resulting from the TIA concept (Totally Integrated Automation)

  3. Optimized implementation of migration with regard to performance and quality

  4. Maximum flexibility and lowest possible maintenance requirements

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