Process Historian and Information Server

Overview of Historian

Historians are today transitioning from their traditional role as plant record-keepers, to tools that have a positive impact on plant operations in real time. With increased data throughput, higher data resolutions, and increased connectivity users can access and leverage huge volumes of plant data today in near real time. With this enhanced functionality, historians have also become a foundation for plant asset management activities.

The SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Historian provides you with high-performance long-term archiving that incorporates itself perfectly into the control system. After all, process data, tags, alarms and batch data from SIMATIC BATCH can be centrally archived in real time – without any additional engineering effort.

Process Historian is scalable at will, i.e. data of OS single stations and of OS servers from a PCS 7 project or multi-projects can be detected and saved. No restriction is placed on the number of single stations, servers or server pairs that can be archived. Via a web interface, the information server makes available the archived data as shift, daily, weekly or monthly logs.

Process Historian and Information Server seamlessly integrated with Simatic PCS 7 Distributed Control System

The Process Historian is used for long-term archiving of the following data from the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system:

  • OS archive data (process values and messages)

  • Batch data

The process values and messages exported from the OS archives, as well as the batch data from SIMATIC BATCH are managed by the Process Historian in a central database.

A. Process Historian - Archiving

  • Scalable and centralized archiving of process data from multiple projects in real time.

  • Supports both Server/Client and Node based Architecture.

  • SQL server storage of BATCH data.

  • Use of de facto standards for access to historical data.

  • Data visualization on the OS clients or OS single stations (node based).

  • Open System : support for ODBC, OLE DB and ADO.NET.

  • Use Microsoft Reporting Service to process data from SQL server.

Customer Benefits:

  • Fully integrated long-term archive system without additional engineering.

  • Capable of handling huge amounts of process and asset information.

  • Supports plant extension without interrupting the production process.

  • Improved connectivity with ERP, MES & reporting systems.

B. Information Server - Reporting

  • New reporting system based on Microsoft Reporting Services

  • Web-based, thin client data access

  • Data access within Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel)

Customer Benefits

  • Easy access to historical plant data anywhere.

  • Enables creation of custom complex reports and role-based dashboards based on widespread reporting tool.

  • Enables production optimization and plant asset management remotely and in real time.

Process Historian and Information Server configuration in Demilitarized Zone

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