SIMIT – Siemens Solution for Process Simulation

Simulation is one of the key essential tools in Process Automation, which helps to address all customer needs during project execution phase. This is mainly required to:

  • Reduces risk and time during commissioning phase

  • Improves Program code quality by pre-testing and analysis

  • Assures shorter Time-to-market; as it shortens project duration and delivery time

Introduction: Why simulation

      Our process automation customers always intend to improve quality and time for automation  engineering

  • Operator training requirement: Knowledge level of operator for high performance and safe plant operation is required throughout the plant operation. With typical training concept, operator training is provided at the start of the plant, as time elapses, knowledge level of operator decreases and it needs recurring refresher training for operator.                              
    - With training simulators one can rehearse the steps as many times to keep updated with mandatory knowledge of safe plant operation.
    - Training on simulator is much safer and less costly than on actual plant
    - Can be repeated much more often
    - Extreme situations can only be trained on a simulator as training on an actual plant might result in loss of people and equipment.

  • To Improve automation engineering :

With simulator, one can test the logic and signals during engineering and FAT of project which improves engineering quality as well saves commissioning time and cost

When to Start Simulation?

Our answer -- The sooner; the better.

Siemens solution for simulation with SIMIT                                                                          SIMIT provides real time dynamic simulation for S7/PCS 7 projects, with or without hardware availability. Typical simulation purposes with SIMIT:

  • I/Os and connection check

  • Logic and Control loop check

  • Alarm and messaging test

  • Sequence test

  • Interlock check

  • HMI controls and visualization test