The Facility


An MV Motor being type tested at the fully automated AMTC

The Advanced Motor Test Centre is a state-of-the art facility spread over 2500 sq. meters at the Siemens Kalwa plant.
The 8 test benches are equipped with precise instruments that eliminate the need for manual intervention. The fully automated data collection, accurate measurements and exact calculations allow accredited, repeatable results common with worldwide Siemens test fields.


Advanced measurement capabilities of the AMTC

  •  Same IT towers used in all test benches for:
      • Data acquisition
      • Evaluation
      • Control
      • Visualization set -up

  •  Si-Drive Test (Configuration and Software setup): 
      • Used widely throughout the Siemens world
      • In line with Siemens Germany

  •  High accuracy instrumentation is used for:
     • Data acquisition
     • Storage
     • Evaluation

Competencies of the AMTC

The AMTC is furnished to test myriad models of different power ratings, frequency and voltage bandwidths.


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