Flawless Construction and Commissioning

The coordination efforts of the FEED phase pay off during construction and commissioning: They help keep all trades and worksteps on track in a highly efficient manner. This ensures a highly cost-effective and time-saving construction process.

Standardized equipment allows for optimized training of the commissioning and operational staff, and the local Siemens project organization provides fast and consistent support at any time.

The single vendor aspect of the MMDC business concept increases safety by reducing the number of contractors on site. Moreover, all technical documents for the supplied products can be made available on a Web-based platform on request to further simplify installation and commissioning work.

 Allocation of duties


  • Global tracking of deliveries to OEMs

  • Standardization reduces the number of commissioning spares (spare parts)

  • Possibility to source all documents for products supplied from one global platform 24/7 (optional) – datasheets, test certificates, operation and maintenance manual, ...

Discover the further steps of the MMDC workflow

Discover the further steps of the MMDC workflow