Establishing the MMDC business concept in the FEED Phase

During the FEED phase, all required equipment is defined and specified. The Siemens MMDC project organization compiles all information and requirements from the FEED phase into the motors and drives project catalog.

In the earliest stages of a project Siemens establish a FEED support team that develops standards resulting in the Motors & Drives Project Catalog. All cost savings will be identified during this process, which contributes to an optimized total cost of ownership. All technical and commercial requirements of the project are clarified and documented. The MMDC project manager and the global capture team ensure that interfaces are reduced to a minimum.

The MMDC motors and drives catalog includes the scope of motors and drives as a mechanical equipment list and an electrical load list. There are also harmonized design typicals for motors, drives, gearboxes, and couplings as well as testing and documentation standards for the entire range of motors and drives. The MMDC motors and drives catalog also specifies predefined terms and conditions for purchases including a global price list. All these components and information are compiled in the MMDC motors and drives catalog, which is a binding document for all parties involved. It is the core element of all following project phases. Plus, parts of it can be used in future projects and make them even more cost-efficient.

Allocation of duties


  • Establishing FEED support team

  • Developing standards based on comprehensive motors and drives portfolio

  • Identifies cost savings over complete project lifecycle

  • Clarifies technical and commercial requirements

  • Appointment of global project developer and global capture team


  • Commitment to standardization

  • Strategic partnership

  • Total cost of ownership





Discover the further steps of the MMDC workflow

Discover the further steps of the MMDC workflow