Optimized project implementation and lower costs

Siemens’ MMDC®, the Main Motors & Drives Contractor concept, is a comprehensive approach for projects in the oil and gas industry  that reduces overall project cost and maximizes efficiency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Challenges in today‘s project business

Projects in the oil and gas industry are getting larger, more complex and take several years to develop. This has an impact on the overall supply chain – on product suppliers, OEMs, EPCs, and the end user. Across this global supply chain many contractual and technical interfaces have to be managed. A further challenge is the global resource management.

Global engineering, manufacturing, raw materials, and lead times have to be coordinated. The traditional project approach leads to complex operational and maintenance processes and project structures and results in multivendor equipment. The missing over-all transparency leads to schedule risks and may jeopardize the investment. To overcome these challenges Siemens developed the business concept MMDC® – Main Motors & Drives Contractor.

The MMDC concept is a comprehensive approach that reduces overall project cost and maximizes its efficiency and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

A unique business concept: Main Motors & Drives Contractor

The MMDC business concept was developed in close collaboration with the oil and gas industry to address the highest requirements for efficiency and reliability. Prerequisite for this business concept is a comprehensive portfolio in motors and drives. Furthermore it offers close coordination between end user, EPC, OEM, and Siemens – throughout all project phases and the entire lifecycle. MMDC makes engineering and project management much simpler for all global partners involved in the project, and it leads to a shorter overall project time.

Experience impact

Optimized time frame and faster start-up As MMDC, Siemens supports the customer throughout the entire project – from the FEED phase all the way to operation. Close cooperation during the FEED phase results in the definition of the exact scope and specification of any required equipment. The Siemens MMDC project organization as a single point of contact is responsible for the successful implementation throughout all project phases.

The MMDC project organization compiles all information and requirements from the FEED phase into the MMDC motors and drives catalog. It is the core element of all phases that follow and ensures that engineering and procurement as well as construction and commissioning are easier to handle. This means that it takes considerably less time until operation can start.

During operation, the MMDC concept contributes to reduced OPEX in many ways. The Motors & Drives Project Catalog also serves as a reference for maintenance and services as well as for future projects.

See how a Main Motors & Drives Contractor will impove your projectMMDC
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Traditional approach without MMDC


Construction & Commissioning

Optimization by delivery performance and installation & commissioning support

Engineering & Procurement

Optimization by coordinated EPC and OEM business


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