Energy-efficient Drives

SINAMICS frequency converters intelligently save energy

Take advantage of your energy savings potential and optimize your energy consumption – with the intelligent functions of SINAMICS frequency inverters. Depending on the application, you can efficiently regulate the energy consumption for individual demands by aligning the motor speed. Energy savings of up to 70% are possible with fan, pump and compressor drives. Energy recovery is also a popular option. Our frequency converter portfolio is the most comprehensive offering on the market and the first choice for energy-efficient drives – both in the low and the medium voltage range.

Energy-Efficient Frequency Converters in Low-Voltage


Energy-Efficient Frequency Converters in Medium-Voltage



SINAMICS Medium-voltage converters

Universal drive solution for single-motor drives in the medium-voltage range.

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Energy-efficient drives with intelligent functions

Depending on the application and load profile, you can reduce your energy consumption with the intelligent energy savings functions of SINAMICS frequency converters.

ECO mode
In the ECO mode, the operating point of the motor in the partial load range is automatically adapted and optimized. This reduces motor losses, for example, with machines that do not require a high speed over the entire operating area.

Hibernation mode
Temporarily operated variable speed drives are switched to standby – the so-called Hibernation mode. Depending on the application, the drive is automatically reactivated.

Bypass mode
The Bypass mode lets you electrically "bypass" the converter whenever the motor frequently operates in the nominal speed range. This allows you to avoid converter-related losses while increasing overall efficiency.

Motor staging
For pump, fan and compression applications with larger output, the entire power demand is distributed over several motors. Phased on and off switching over partially or fully regulated cascades in combination with inverters allows for energy-efficient drive systems.

Dynamic energy management in the DC link
When using converters with inductive drives, the energy is exchanged through the common DC link. Through the direct energy exchange from one converter to the other, the power loss within the system is minimized.

Reactive power compensation
Through the use of SINAMICS frequency converters with Active Line Modules, the capacitive and/or inductive reactive power in the machine can be reduced. As a result, the number of expensive reactive power compensation systems can also be reduced.

Energy buffering
With dynamic reversing operations in single-axis and multi-axis systems, the kinetic energy available in the system is reused. Utilization of SINAMICS frequency converters results in an energy equalization across the common DC link.

Energy consumption values / saving counter
During operation, the actual energy usage value can be output. Also, using an energy saving counter, the saved energy accumulated during operating hours can be compared with a fixed speed application.

Energy recovery
In conventional drive systems, the braking energy generated by the braking resistors is burned off. The SINAMICS G and S frequency converters with energy recovery require no braking resistors and feed the generated braking energy back into the line supply.