Drive Technology India


The universal converter cabinet for high power rating

SINAMICS G130 Standard Cabinets have been designed for machine and plant construction.

Here, they are perfectly suited as a highly reliable drive solution, which can be perfectly adapted to customer- specific requirements based on a wide range of components and options. In other words, wherever variable speed drives are needed G130 Standard Cabinets is the solution. Some of these applications are:

  • Extruders, mixers and crushers

  • Kilns and mills

  • Conveyors etc

Available from 75-1600 kW, in both 6-pulse and 12-pulse variants, Sinamics G130 Standard Cabinets are simple to engineer and easy to commission.

Technical Data Overview

Supply voltages:
3AC 380 to 480 V
3AC 660 to 690V

Output ranges:
110-1120 kW (6/12 pulse)
75 – 1600 kW (6/12 pulse)

Degree of protection


Type of cooling

Internal fan (forced air cooling)

Control method

Vector Control with and without encoder or V/f control

Value Propositions

  • Available in 415/ 690V; 6 pulse/ 12 pulse configurations

  • Payback period < 6 months (Low cost of ownership)

  • Optional LHF and 12 pulse solutions for IEE-519 compliance.

  • Integrated Motor- Automation solution (TIA-IDS integration)

  • Noise levels < 72dB


SINAMICS G130 Standard Cabinet is fit for all applications with between low and medium requirements regarding the dynamic response and accuracy for OEMs and cabinet builders across all industrial sectors.