Tailored-fit for fan, pump and compressor applications

Even today; fans, pumps and compressors are controlled using traditional techniques.

Decisive advantage: The motor continuously operates at the rated speed with maximum flow rate.
The result: Frequent partial load operation with high energy losses

Solution: With integrated, application- specific and energy saving functions, SINAMICS G120P Standard Cabinets are tailored to address fan, pump and compressor applications. Available from 55-400 kW, SINAMICS G120P Standard Cabinets is configured with a closed loop Control unit (CU), Power Module, Operator Panels, Input Reactor and all the necessary Switchgear components.

Technical Data Overview

Supply voltages:
3AC 380 to 480 V

Output ranges:
55-400 kW

Degree of protection


Type of cooling

Internal fan (forced air cooling)

Value Propositions

  • Up to 70% energy savings on fan, pump and compressor applications

  • Payback period < 6 months (Low cost of ownership)

  • Completely in-house built, type tested panels

  • Complete TIA & IDS integration

  • Low power loss of 8.3kW even at 400 kW ratings

  • Application specific macros (4-PID; 4 skip frequencies, efficiency>98%- use if needed)


SINAMICS G120P Standard cabinets is tailored fit for fan, pump and compressor applications, or as a drive in most product & process industries, such as waste water treatment, paper, F&B, cement, power etc.