Better Processing with SINAMICS

Application examples: Film stretching and injection molding machines

Film stretching machines

When drives with multiple motors are implemented, e.g. in master-slave drives in film stretching machines, SINAMICS S120 provides increased productivity as a conventional drive concept.

Further advantages:

  • Individual control of every drive

  • High flexibility thanks to fast, easy re-equipping

  • Overview of the system, production and possible faults thanks to consistent automation

Injection molding machine

In single-axis Motion Control for injection molding machines, SINAMICS S110 and S120 make energy savings of up to 50% possible in comparison to hydraulic machines.

Further advantages:

  • Fast re-tooling based on standard components

  • Extremely high flexibility thanks to scalable solutions

  • Low environmental impact and noise levels thanks to water cooling

  • Individually adaptable application solution