Have a closer look at the functionality of our offer for Sinamics. Just watch the following videos.


For every destination the optimum SINAMICS drive

SINAMICS application scale

Impressions from the exhibition: You can quickly select a suitable inverter for your application using the SINAMICS selection tool.

SINAMICS converters - pumping, ventilating and compressing

This video shows pumping, ventilating and compressing applications and the optimum inverter for the particular application.

SINAMICS converters - precise movement

Here you can see which is the optimum inverter if something has to be set into motion.

SINAMICS converters - improved processing

Inverters are also used in manufacturing and production processes. This video shows you which ones you can select to address your particular application.

SINAMICS converters - efficient machining

You can increase the efficiency of your material processing by employing the most suitable inverter.