SIMOTICS 1LE7 Motors – The Global Product to Indian Standards

SIMOTICS – the most comprehensive range of motors

General description

The history of today’s most comprehensive range of motors worldwide started about 150 years ago in 1866
when Werner von Siemens developed the dynamo-electric principle. This principle allowed powerful electric motors
to be designed and built, thereby creating the basis for their widespread use in industry today. Since then, motor
development has been one of the core business of the company, and with greater than a century worth of
experience, Siemens sets the pace when it comes to innovative motor technology. Today, millions of Siemens
motors are efficiently powering machines and equipment in industrial facilities around the world. In all sectors,
applications and power classes. Siemens energy-efficient low-voltage motors with high dynamic performance have
proven themselves in use, and are attractive as a result of their quality, efficiency and compactness.

In line with the tradition of naming the various series of motors the new range of motors will be called as SIMOTICS

The new SIMOTICS range of motors are offered in line with the range of motors offered worldwide from the
house of Siemens.

  • 150 years of motor production worldwide and 50 years of motor production in India

  • Optimum solutions in all sectors, regions and power classes

  • Innovative motor technology with the highest quality and reliability

  • Highest dynamic performance, precision and efficiency, with an optimum degree of compactness

  • Integration of the motors in the drive train to create an overall system

  • The global network of skill sets and round the clock service worldwide

Salient Features of the new SIMOTICS Low voltage motors are:

SIMOTICS 1LE71 - IE2 series of motors

SIMOTICS 1LE71 - IE3 range of motors