Champion IE Series Motors

What does The IS: 12615-2011 for Energy Efficient Motors Stand For?

The Indian Standard IS: 12615-2011 replaces the earlier IS:12615-2004. With this change, the efficiency classes eff2
and eff1 are no longer valid. This new standard defines new "International Efficiency" classes similar to IEC 60034-30
(2008).The IS:12615-2011 defines efficiency values for a motor to be classified as energy efficient. This standard covers single speed, three phase, 50Hz, Cage Induction Motors that,

  • Have rated voltage ≤1000V;

  • Have a rated output 0.75kW ≤ PN ≤ 375kW;

  • Have either 2, 4 or 6 poles;

  • Meet frame size to output relation as stipulated in IS:1231 (for outputs covered by this standard);

  • Are rated on the basis of either duty type S1 (continuous duty) or S3 (intermittent periodic duty) with rated cyclic
    duration factor of 80% or higher;

  • Are capable of operating direct on-line;

  • Are designed for operation on virtually sinusoidal and balance voltage conditions as defined in 7.2.1 of
    IS/ IEC 60034-1;

  • Designed for an ambient temperature not exceeding 40°C and altitude not exceeding 1000m;

  • Have degree of protection IP44 or superior;

  • Have method of cooling IC411 in accordance with IS 6362 (Part 0/Sec0):1995 / IEC 60034-6(1991);

  • Have service factor not exceeding 1.0.

This standard also stipulates that for a motor to be classified as energy efficient, it must meet as a minimum, efficiency class IE2. The losses and efficiency for motors conforming to this standard have to be determined as per IEC 60034-2-1(2007).

Siemens Champion IE Series Motors

Efficiency Classes

IE 2 :High Efficiency

IE 3 : Premium Efficiency

Champion IE Motor Series



Frame Size

71 to 355

71 to 255


Power Range

0.37 kW to 315 kW

0.37 kW to 45 kW

160 kW to 315 kW

Type of Construction (For other possible constructions contact nearest sales office )

Frames upto 132: IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35, IMB14, IMB34 etc.

Frames160- 315M : IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35 etc.

Frames160- 225M : IMB3, IMB5, IMVI, IMB35 etc

Frames 315L-355L: IMB3,IMVI,IMB35 etc.

Frames 355L: IMB3,IMVI,IMB35 etc

Number of Poles


Motor Material

Frame: Cast Iron ( with mounting feet integral to the housing- for construction with feet )

Terminal Box: Generously dimensioned , Rotatable through 360 deg in steps pf 90 deg, on Top as a standard

Fan Cowl : Sheet Steel; Fan : Thermoplastic (Cast Iron for 2P in Frames 250 and above)


Ratings covered under IS: 12615-2011 will be marked with the appropriate efficiency class

Degree of Protection

IP 55


415 V Standard . For other voltages requirement , please contact us.


50 Hz (IS:12615 -2011 does not cover any other frequency). For 60Hz frequency requirements, please contact us.

Cooling Type


Ambient Conditions

50 deg C, Altitude <=1000 m

Temperature Class

Class F

Bearing System

63 Series for frames 160 and above. Identical bearings at DE and NDE help in reducing inventory

Lubrication System

Regreasable bearings for frames 160 onwards

Converter Duty motors for Constant Torque applications

The Converter Duty motors for Constant Torque applications are offered from 11kW to 45kW in 2 and 4 Pole , 7.5kW to 30kW in 6 Pole and 7.5kW to 22kW in 8 Pole with TEFC Enclosure – IC416 separately cooled.

Note:Frame Size 250-315 can be ordered in 1LE7 series