The Right AC Motor for Every Application

The Right AC Motor for Every Application

Don't compromise when selecting your low voltage motor. Choose a Siemens AC motor right from the start. We are the leading drive technology manufacturer for industrial applications. As your partner, we offer you the best AC motor systems — at a convincing price/performance ratio and backed by our global support network for production, sales, and service.

Benchmark in energy efficiency and reliability

Higher energy savings, lower operating costs and reliability – boost your competitiveness with Siemens low voltage motors. The product spectrum for low voltage motors in India covers ratings from 0.12kW to 1750kW. These motors conform to latest Indian and IEC standards. Siemens energy efficient low voltage motors with high dynamic performance, is a perfect fit for various sectors and applications due to its quality, efficiency and compactness. Our global excellence and Indigenous endurance strives to  provide customized solutions for every application

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