N-compact Series Motors

Heart of all your Operations – 1LA8 and 1PQ8

Higher output from the same frame size: this is the concept of the N Compact motors. These state-of-the-art motors have outputs as much as 60% higher than the normal conventional motors for the same frame size. Compactness and high efficiency are the special features of the N-Compact series motors.

The N-Compact series motors are offered from 160kW – 1750kW in 2, 4, 6 & 8 Pole for frames ranging from 315 – 560. The N-Compact series of motors up to 630kW are suitable for 415V supply. Ratings beyond 710kW are suitable for 690V supply.

The N compact range motors are offered in 1LA8 - self cooled IC411 and also in 1PQ8 - separately cooled IC416 versions suitable for converter duty applications for VFD Applications. The N compact series are offered for Altitude < 1000m, with Class F insulation, Ambient of 45°C. These motors are provided with dual coat copper wires which has superior electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

The reference standards for ratings <375kW is IS:12615:2011 and for ratings >375 kW is IS/IEC:60034-1:2004.

  1. High reliability and uptime

  2. High efficiency and low operating costs.

  3. Low noise and vibration level.

  4. High power to weight ratio

  5. Dual cooling system- reliable cooling