Special Application Motors

Textile application Motors

The 1PT0 special textile application motors are offered from 30kW -55kW in 4Pole. These highly energy efficient motors are made exclusively for textile ring frames with IC417 cooling. These motors are suitable for 415 V , 50Hz  and an Ambient of 50°C


  1. For long and short ring frames

  2. Low units/kg power consumption

  3. High uptime

  4. Low maintenance costs

  5. High reliability

  6. Circular rib design ensures no clogged cooling surfaces

Siemens offers IE motors for Ginning mill application in textile industry

Brake Motors

Siemens offers brake motors ranging from 63 frames to 225 frames with an output range from 0.12kW to 45kW

Siemens Brake Motors employ internationally used and proven Spring Operated Disk Brake designs which work on a principle similar to the concept of “Dead Man’s Pedal” Braking ensuring enhanced safety.

Features :

  1. Motors with high safety factor

  2. DC Brakes have faster response

  3. Compatible with converter operations

  4. External brake for easy maintenance

  5. Environment friendly brake

  6. Low energy consumption

Dual Speed Motors

The 1LA0 Dual Speed motors are offered in 4/2 Pole & 8/4 Pole in various kW combinations.

These squirrel cage Induction motors confirming to IS/IEC: 60034-1:2004 are offered in Cast Iron housing with IP 55 protection and with IC411 cooling. These motors are suitable for 415 V ,50Hz and an Ambient of 40°C.


Siemens also offers comprehensive and customized customer specific low voltage motors for specific applications