Medium Voltage Motors


SIMOTICS HV Series A-compact PLUS

High voltage motors based on a modular cooling concept, with cast iron* enclosure. Designed for high power rolling mills, roller press, fibraiser, pump, fan and compressor applications – especially for desalination plants, power generation and in the water/wastewater industry. These motors are cost efficient as they focus on the essential issues – but at the same time set themselves apart as a result of their high quality, reliability and very compact design.

Your Benefits

  • Cost-efficient

  • Reliable and long service live

  • Low space requirements, easy plant integration

  • High availability even under rough environment conditions

  • Accurately fitting solutions for the individual application

Technical data overview

Brief Overview

Power range:

160 - 6400 KW

Shaft height:

355 - 630 mm

Rated speeds:

500 - 3000 rpm

No. of poles:

2 - 12 poles

Rated voltage:

0.380 to 11 kV


IP 55

Cooling type:

IC611, IC616, IC666, IC81W, IC86W


  • Focused on features essential for high-power pumps, fans and compressors.

  • Rugged design, low-wear materials and the well-proven MICALASTIC® insulation system.

  • Extremely compact design.

  • High-quality coating-systems.

  • Flexible regarding number of poles, voltage and cooling concept.

SIMOTICS HV Series H-compact

High voltage motors with cast-iron enclosures for applications in the widest range of sectors. They are extremely reliable and set themselves apart as a result of their very low space requirement, optimum efficiencies as well as low-noise operation.

Your Benefits

  • Higher efficiency & Lower operating costs.

  • High Reliability & High Performance.

  • Excellent vibrational behavior, high availability and low service & maintenance costs

  • Lower space requirement and lower weight for easy plant integration

  • Exceeds most customer and legislated safety requirements

  • Longer motor lifetime translates to greater lifetime performance of your application

Technical data overview

Brief Overview

Fin Cooled Motors with Force Ventilation:

200 - 2200 KW

Fin Cooled Motors with Self Ventilation:

200 - 2200 KW

Shaft heights:

315 - 560 mm

No. of poles:

2 - 12 poles

Rated voltage:

380V to 11 kV

Degree of protection:

IP55 (optional IP56, IP65)

Cooling type:

IC 411, IC 416


  • High power density and compact design

  • Optimum efficiency

  • Bearings, enclosure and rotor are designed for the highest degree of reliability

  • Low noise level

  • Innovative cooling for uniform temperature level

Applications - by industry

Boiler Feed Pump H Compact

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