Energy management and technical service for maximal energy efficiency

»Sustainability, as well as energy and environmental responsibility in business processes, pays off in any business. Energy efficiency, energy management, and resource efficiency are important topics in all industries today. Integrated solutions from Siemens unleash all technical and organizational efficiency potential and ensure successful environmental management.«

Siemens Energy & Environmental Services include customized consulting that makes possible the consistent optimization of energy and water consumption in all industries.

Technical service and consulting provide all necessary support for the development and implementation of systematic energy management and environmental management solutions that enable maximum energy efficiency and optimized water consumption in the entire business. The resulting data transparency makes possible highly efficient energy and water consumption, the reduction of emissions, and noticeable savings in this increasingly expensive area.

Technical service and energy management for energy efficiency and sustainability are no end in themselves, but highly efficient tools that create considerable value for the industry: Energy and environmental costs are reduced in the long term. Improved transparency of data enables the identification of further savings potential and the optimization of production processes. This makes possible the clear definition of benchmarks and corresponding targets as well as the exchange of best practice solutions in the entire business. Energy management and technical service create new opportunities to increase the efficiency and availability of plants.

Energy optimization for drive systems

Energy Analytics

Energy savings for electric motors and converters

Energetic Machine and Asset Analysis

Energetic Machine and Asset Analysis

Improvement of the plant's energy performance


Energy Performance Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting

Drive applications optimizations paid for by savings