Spare parts secure plant availability

»A missing spare part can compromise plant availability and cause production losses. It is good to know that the specialists from Siemens ensure a fast and smooth exchange process.«

Drive systems and automation systems have to be continuously available – in any industry and all over the world. A missing spare part can lead to a standstill of entire plants and cause noticeable financial loss for their owners. The Spare Parts Service from Siemens is available all over the world and provides support through the fast delivery of genuine spare parts. Genuine spare parts from Siemens ensure that all system components interact smoothly. Customized spare parts packages for various products and solutions ensure the preventive storage of spare parts on site.

Industrial spare parts are stored for up to ten years, and defective parts can be returned. Optimized logistics processes make sure that replacement parts reach their destination as fast as possible. Plus, the outstanding system compatibility ensures the availability of plants in a sustainable manner. The Spare Parts Service for the industry is available around the clock. The on-time arrival of spare parts is ensured through previously fixed delivery times. In addition to delivery, the Siemens’ logistics specialists take care of transportation, customs clearance, storage and order management, spare parts management, and logistics planning and management. The result: smooth and fast delivery of spare parts for a consistent availability of plants.


Spare Parts and Returns Management

Motor Management Program

Siemens Industry Services has the required know-how and long-standing experience in the field of predictive spare parts supply to minimize downtimes through demand-oriented spare parts supply. Our logistics specialists will be glad to advise you on the demand-oriented supply with Siemens spare parts.


Spare Parts for Motion Control Systems

Motor Management Program

Motion Control Systems belong to the most crucial components in modern production plants. It is not uncommen that errors eventually lead to downtimes for the entire plant. Therefore we offer you fast, reliable and global services related to SINUMERIK and other Motion Control Systems.

End of Product Lifecycle

Drives Reliability Program

Even after a product has been discontinued, your customer service must continue – a genuine challenge as product life cycles become ever shorter. We advise you in the planning and implementation of product phase-out strategies and support you with our technical and logistics services.