Services at the end of the product life cycle

Are you planning to introduce a successor but need to continue supporting an existing product and do you want to stop devoting resources to repairs processing? Or do you need spare parts for products that have already been discontinued? We will develop phase-out strategies for you and support you with our technical and logistics services at the end of the product life cycle.

Customer services after product phase-out

High service quality over the long term: Even after a product has been discontinued, your customer service must continue – a genuine challenge as product life cycles become ever shorter. We support you at the end of the product life cycle – for example, with our reliable repair service and long-term spare parts supply.

Obsolescence management for maintenance staff

Plant availability over the long term: It is not uncommon for older machines to require obsolete spare and repair parts. Depending on the strategy, we convert or reproduce products for you and guarantee spare parts supply.