Spare Parts for SINUMERIK and Co. – worldwide and readily available

It is not uncommon for unexpected errors in production to lead to downtimes – and cause immense costs for industrial companies. Therefore a spare part service, which makes worldwide fast exchange possible, is essential. This is an especially valid measure for Motion Control Systems such as SINUMERIK. With our global spare part logistics for Motion Control Systems, we ensure that disturbances are remedied before they are able to cause any large amount of damage.

Overview of our SINUMERIK Services

An overview of our services

  • Delievery of Sare Parts

  • Exchange of defective components

  • Repair

  • Component upgrade service

  • General overhaul

  • Functional Repair

  • Extended Spare Part availability

Delievery of Spare Parts, Exchange und Repair

Delievery of Spare Parts, Exchange and Repair

A defective component can cause plant downtimes for any drive system, automation system, machine tool or production machine. As a rule a brand new replacement component can be delivered within only a few days thanks to our global spare part provision. The defective component can be sent back and when possible be repaired within a deadline. Should a repair be possible, you may be eligible for a credit note.

Should the request concern a component, for which a repair can be implemented, a quick repair service can be offered in most cases.  For components, which cannot be transported, an on-site repair is also possible with our service.  This way, you can be sure that your production will soon be functional to the fullest extent once again!

Spare Part services for Drive Systems, Machine Tools and Production Machines

Spare Part services for Drive Systems, Machine Tools and Production Machines

We also offer you as an operator or producer of machine tools and production machines additional services, which can help you, for example, when your CNC-Machine is defective.

This repair service for Motion-Control-Systems are especially conceptualized for the following product groups:


  • 1FE1; 1FK6; 1FK7; 1FL3; 1FN1; 1FN2; 1FN3; 1FT5; 1FT6; 1FT7; 1FW3; 1FW6; 1PH7; 1PH8; 1UA1; 1UA2; 1UA7; 6AT1; 6AU1; 6EP1; 6ES5; 6ES7; 6EV3; 6EW1; 6FC3; 6FC4; 6FC5; 6FC6; 6FC9; 6FM2; 6FM8; 6FX1; 6FX2; 6SC6; 6SE2; 6SE3; 6SE6; 6SE7; 6SE9; 6SL3; 6SN1; 6SN2; 6SW1; 6SX7; 6SY7; 6SY9; 6XG3; 6ZY1

Component Upgrade Service

Component Upgrade Service

With our upgrade service you as a producer of machines or as a machine operator gain a compatible upgrade with many spare parts which belong to the following product groups: SINUMERIK, SIMODRIVE, SINAMICS, MASTERDRIVES and MICROMASTER - even when the component has been discontinued or is no longer available for delivery.  With these services, the lifetime of the machines can be extended and the need for machine modernization can often be avoided.

Extension of the Spare Part Provision

Extension of the Spare Part Provision

Components are offered specifically for Machine Tools in the areas of Automotive and Aerospace with the steering SINUMERIK 840D, for which spare part availability can be ensured on a contractual basis for the usual following 10 years. You can rely on the long term delivery of our spare parts!

Favorable Alternative to Blanket Repair

Favorable Alternative to Blanket Repair

The modular construction of Drive Systems, Machine Tools and Production Machines offer an alternative in-expensive repair, by which only the function is restored. Non-functional errors, such as scratches or discoloration will not be repaired. For machine manufacturers or machine operators, this functional repair is an in-expensive alternative to a standard repair.

Our cost efficient testing provides you with information as to whether the device is still functional, even after having been stored for an extended period of time. If an additional upgrade of the firmware and the replacement of all worn parts is desired, we take an integrated approach to the overall general maintenance of your modules and components.