Well-founded, first-hand knowledge

»In view of today's rapid technological progress, up-to-date knowledge increasingly becomes a key success factor. Siemens delivers know-how and practical knowledge directly from the manufacturer in the technical training programs. No one is closer to the business.«

Video Podcast: short introduction training

Video Podcast: Short introduction Training

Dr. Norbert Neubauer, head of Business Development Training:

In addition to innovative technologies and production processes, qualified employees and their permanent advancement are crucial factors for any company's success.

Our trainings help you optimally using your resources to develop an important competitive advantage.

Three good reasons for training from Siemens

  1. Manufacturer's expertise: As the manufacturer of the products, Siemens starts developing the suitable training during the product development stage - a real advantage, from the perspective of time as well as knowledge.

  2. Practical relevance: The courses stand out for their wide range of practical exercises - usually comprising half of the course time. This means that the knowledge can be applied immediately in one's everyday work.

  3. Flexible implementation: Flexibility is the name of the game. The content as well as the location of the training can be customized to meet each customer's needs.